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Happy. Sad. Defeated. Ambitious. Scared. Stuck. Free.

All of these words describe a choice we can make at any given moment.  Once we choose, what happens next is called LIFE.  It can be good.  And it can SUCK. The choice is none other’s but our own.  Whether we are battling a sickness, getting married, saying goodbye to someone that we love, skydiving, cooking dinner or drinking a glass of water- in each and every moment, we choose our perspective.  It doesn’t matter if someone has tried to beat into our heads what THEY think we should believe about our own circumstances, the choice is ultimately and only our own.  So what are you going to do?  Are you going to believe the voice inside your head?  That voice is your inner being who loves you and believes in you.  Or are you going to listen to the voice of others who have discouraged you, judged you and criticized you because of the fear and doubt that THEY feel about THEMSELVES and allow them to project that upon you?  I pray that you choose to listen to YOU and what YOUR CREATOR instilled in you when you came into existence.

I chose this image from a photoshoot that I was blessed to participate in on The Tower Bridge in London, England a few years ago because it represents my choice to listen to my inner being who tells me all day everyday that I AM GREAT AND I CAN DO ANYTHING!  If I had listened to the opinions of others which were peppered with fear and doubt, I would not have traveled to London and styled this shoot! It was Top 5 on my Bucket List!  Every step of this journey was difficult and scary.  The only reason why it happened was because I knew deep down inside that I had nothing to fear and I wouldn’t stop and entertain any doubt that this could happen for me.  I knew that things could go wrong, and they did.  However, there were just that many more things that went right!  I lived my dream that day and I have the memories (and images and a  10 page magazine article) to remind me of these moments that I spent with these wonderful people that I now call ‘friends’ on this beautiful, historical bridge in a land so far away.

I chose the theme for this look because I wanted to show how ‘beautifully broken’ I felt.  Many people walk through life feeling the same inner conflict that I felt at that time.  We put on our beautiful garments and jewels and we are so careful with our hair and makeup to try to look beautiful and whole.  However, the reality of what we feel on the inside about ourselves looks a lot like this image- smeared, broken, unbalanced and alone.  And no matter where we go, what we have, who is around us or what we do, the feeling will remain until WE DECIDE to let it go!

I challenge you to CHOOSE to be happy.  Choose to feel your inner peace.  Choose to stop sweating the small stuff and live.  Choose to smile anyway.  Choose to believe in yourself no matter how grim things may look.  Choose not to let others’ fear and doubt become your own.  CHOOSE YOU!

Thank you for reading my very first post to the end and pondering your greatness.  Remember, you were born great and you still are!  And most importantly, you were born free to CHOOSE.


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